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4.海外訂購因疫情影響,正常寄送時間自從寄送至寄達約為2~3週(不包含台灣國定假日),敬請見諒。目前開放開放寄送的國家: 澳大利亞 , 比利時 , 加拿大 , 瑞士 , 中國 , 德國 , 丹麥 , 西班牙 , 芬蘭 , 法國 , 香港 , 印度尼西亞 , 印度 , 意大利 , 日本 , 柬埔寨 , 韓國 , 澳門 , 馬來西亞 , 荷蘭 , 新西蘭 , 菲律賓 , 波蘭 , 瑞典 , 新加坡 , 泰國 , 美國 , 越南



Shopping on BELDORA overseas website:

1. Limited time offer: Free overseas shipping for actual consumption over NT$3,500

2. Please pay by credit card

3. Please fill in the correct overseas address

4. Due to the impact of the epidemic, it will take 2 to 3 weeks from delivery to delivery for overseas orders. Countries that are currently open for shipping: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, China, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Cambodia, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Vietnam

*Remind you that if you do not pick up the goods due to personal reasons, we will charge you the relevant logistics fees and handling fees after the return. To ensure your rights, please confirm that the order information is correct and pay attention to the logistics status.

*Remind you that if your country has relevant tax regulations, you need to bear the tax liability yourself. If the goods are returned due to your personal factors, we will charge the relevant logistics costs.